Transform your Sewing Room

Are you sick and tired of looking at the clutter in your sewing room? 

Do you feel like your sewing room is “beyond help”? 

Just want to sew and be happy again?

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I will work with you, one on one… so you can… 

Transform your sewing room in 3 weeks 

or your money back

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  • no more googling for sewing room ideas
  • no more guilty feelings about being disorganized
  • no more clutter

Take your sewing room from a cluttered storage room back to a usable sewing area. A place that inspires you!

We do this with one on one coaching and support over 3 weeks. 

You get personalized coaching, motivation, practical guidance and hand-holding on decluttering days.

This is a brand new way to work with me. All timezones supported.

There are only 20 spots at this limited time introductory pricing. 

Invest in yourself for $250 USD

Together we will: 


  • Unlock your motivation so that you have fun! 
  • Celebrate your wins as you declutter. I’ll be your #1 cheerleader! 
  • Organize your sewing room so that it works for you

We do this together...

5 step roadmap for how to transform your sewing room

How we do this: 

  • We discover your current room, and where you want to go with it
  • Deep dive coaching session to power up our time together
  • 3 days of intensive support while you focus on de-cluttering 
  • Personalized homework and daily check-ins to keep you moving forward
  • Decision making support while choosing furniture and storage options
  • Practical resources and guidance while organizing your room 
  • Final coaching session to set your future goals

Transform your sewing room now for $250 USD

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