Showing up to serve 

I’ve been watching my daughter start kindergarten this year. She’s learning how to handle life’s big and little tasks without me. 

How to open granola bars. How to ask for help to find her hat. She’s even negotiated how to share the cubby space. Yesterday she helped a little boy find a library book. She shows up to serve every day, and I am so proud of her!

I can only guess there have been some mistakes and awkward moments on her part while she learns what works and what doesn’t work. 

Of course in the middle of the night I realised I’m doing exactly the same thing. Learning everything about how to show up and really serve you. While making mistakes and figuring out what works along the way. 

Showing up

My purpose is to help you create a sewing room you love. The end goal is that you love sewing again and get your sew mojo back. Because, just like me, you never actually stopped loving sewing. It just doesn’t feel good right now.

To show up at my best I’ve been taking a course that has a huge focus on being genuine and not “salesly”. It’s about really respecting your right to just come in and explore sew-spacious, learn about my approach, without getting sold at.

I invested in it to focus on building my one to one coaching for people who are serious about getting organized once and for all. I’ve discovered working with clients and seeing their transformation is my jam. I love it. 🧡

Building connection – or not

This course focuses really hard on building connection and fostering trust first, above anything else. Literally, showing up to serve. 

This is the exact feeling I have when I write back to encourage someone who’s stuck in the 28 day challenge. When I hit reply on a really great email that I know will help is when I feel most connected to you. 

I’m learning how to build connection. How to let my natural helpfulness shine through, without being overly eager or a bit odd. Yes I’m quirky. I’ll own that now @Jessie. 

But as I work through the training on how to show up and serve, I’m becoming more aware of my blunders. The time when instead of building trust I broke it. 

I’m the first to admit, depending on when you found me and how, you might have gotten one or two offers that made you go “Oh yuck. She’s not for me.” 

I went against my belief to have you visit me, get comfy first and join me in a cuppa tea and biscuit. Before you even knew it, I was trying to sell at you. I’m sorry. 

Making changes

What changes am I making? I’m committing 100% to letting you lead the way. Listening to you share what you are stuck with, ask for help, and join the conversation. Your learnings help others learn. 

Here’s what I’ve been fixing today…

  1. No more sales pitch disguised as a special offer after you sign up. I’ll find some other way to introduce the Sewing Room Rescue Pack, but at the right time.
  2. No more frantic emails where the discount is expiring. Sorry about that. Unless it’s for a live class at an actual real time! Or an actual sale because that’s just fun! 
  3. Lots more blog posts instead where I share what’s working for me in my sewing room. And what’s getting results for my clients. 

Currently I’m working on my UFOs. Designing my strategy for management and completion. I’m really excited about where I’m heading with this approach, but I am waiting until I get to the end first. Just in case I hit a plot twist! 

I’m all about being here to serve you. 

Believing in you

Thank you to all the people who have emailed to say how the 28 day challenge has helped them get started on their organizing journey. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the tools I’m creating to help you. 

Thank you to the people who have purchased the various things I have offered. Your encouragement and early financial support has meant the world to me. 

Most of all, thank you to everyone reading this now and in the future. 

Thank you for believing in yourself. You can be organized. It’s easier than you think. 

I believe in you. I’ll show up to serve you. 

Love, Shelly signature_the sew spacious logo to sign off