Sharing The Model with you so you can change your life


Some of you have asked about the secret tools I use. The Model, created by Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School, is not so secret anymore, but definitely 100% amazing. 


I recorded this little video for you on how to use The Model. It’s me, explaining how it works. It’s simple and easy. AND… life changing. 


This is the tool I use in my daily life, to keep myself on track and moving towards my goals. You can see how I used it to deliberately allow myself to love ironing. 


Here are just a few of the things The Model has helped me with: 


  • Overcome the trailing remains of postpartum anxiety
  • Show up as the parent and partner that I want to be: it’s a work in progress here – though sometimes I do well, sometimes not so much
  • Start and run two successful businesses
  • Manage my UFOs
  • Organize my sewing room
  • Transform the life and sewing rooms of my clients 
  • Create the results and life I want
  • Lose weight – a recently started work in progress 


You deserve to know about The Model, Brooke Castillo thinks everyone does and I agree with her. But especially you, because you are here, reading this page. 


So I recorded a little how-to walkthrough video of how I use it. It’s short, sweet and friendly. 


Go ahead and work along beside me. You’ll want a pen and notebook. This stuff is not woo-woo. It genuinely works, although it takes a bit of practice. It’s a bit like riding a bike though, once you figure it out you never forget it. Such a handy tool to have in your back pocket. 

Share below what you discovered.

What unintentional thought did you put in the model today? Is that thought serving you? Were you able to create a new thought to get you a better result?

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