Are you struggling to get organized?
Want some extra help to get the challenge done?

I've hear you. All the emails can just pile up and be overwhelming. Before you know it, you don't know where to start again.

I have created an extra tool for you.... Presenting....

Does This sound familiar?

You know sewing is more enjoyable when you can quickly find what you need.
But keeping things organized has never been your strong point.
Not when you could be sewing instead.
What to do?

What if you could...

Have everything you needed to keep your sewing room organized?

Introducing THE

Sewing Room rescue pack

Over $70 worth of value

Sewing Room Rescue Package pre-launch mockup

Here's what you'll get

Take charge. Rescue yourself

The Pack will be available immediately after purchase (via Teachable)


This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Soni on the 28 day challenge: “It gets you going when you just don’t know where to start.

– Soni

Hello, I'm Shelly Bortolotto

I help you love sewing and quilting. I accomplish this by sharing self coaching techniques to manage your mind. And I start by helping you get organized.

I have been around quilting and sewing since my mom was little. I remember falling asleep to the whirr of her sewing machine. Then I got the quilting bug, hard, in my 20’s. Haven’t looked back since.

Now life has changed again. I have a little daughter. She likes slugs and the color red. Sometimes she helps me with the pins. Mostly, she just motivates me to keep doing what I love, inspiring others like you. 

Shelly Bortolotto - creator of Sew Spacious

Get the help you need now

The sewing room rescue pack has over $70 worth of value in it. It’s everything you need to get and stay organized. 

$37 USD (over $70 of value)

Frequently Asked Questions

It will be available immediately after purchae (via Teachable). You will be invited to create a free Teachable account to access the pack. 

It will be available as a course in Teachable (free course software). You are free to read it online, download it and print it as you wish. 

We are committed to making you happy. Get in touch with me and I will create something just for you to solve your problem.

As the Sewing Room Rescue Pack is a digital download, we have a no refund policy. However we are committed to making you happy, and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. 

Please get in touch with us. We love suggestions on how we can help you get and stay organized in your sewing room.

The ideas shared by Shelly has also made me look at other aspects of my life to get in order, which I totally appreciate.  Thank-you so much, Shelly.”

Benefit now from all the tools packed into this

This pack gives you everything you need to keep going with this.  

It’s everything you need to get your sewing room whipped into shape.  

It will be delivered 24-48 hours after purchase into your email account. 

(and usually much sooner!)

$37 USD