Income report May June July 2020 for Sew Spacious 

*It’s a long post, you might want a cuppa!

Teaser: The before and after photo at the end is just WOW! 

Sew Spacious was created to help you get organized in your sewing room. But I’ve decided to pivot and throw all my energy behind it. 

This means that I’ll be intending to create an income from Sew Spacious, and more importantly, to help A LOT more people organize their sewing rooms. 

Sew Spacious is especially for you, if you: 

  • Struggle to get organised in your sewing room, 
  • Feel bad about yourself when you try to sew because your room is messy, and
  • Are not a “naturally organized” person 

Being transparent, honest and genuine with you is important to me. As you’ve probably realized if you have seen me on video. 

Part of that transparency is showing you the breakdown of my income as it relates to this website and the Sew Spacious brand. 

Lots of bloggers do this, and it’s mostly around being open about any affiliate income they have earned from ads or other things on this site. Honestly, ads on sites annoy me. I would rather make money from creating my useful resources for you. 

I knew when I started Sew Spacious I would need to invest in some tech tools to communicate with you and give you a platform to learn and engage with me. All figures are in USD. 

I also wasn’t exactly sure how I would recoup that money. I’m sort of making it up as I go along! 

So, without further ado, let’s get to it! 


Here’s how it all started… 

In May 2020 I created and launched the Sew Spacious 28 day challenge on a whim. I built a landing page, collected email addresses and started madly writing daily challenges. 

Often I was staying up late the night before, and getting up early to make sure it went out on time, every day, for 28 days straight. 

I created and stalked the Sew Spacious facebook group, getting super excited every time someone posted! 

Branding happened…

Logo image for Sew Spacious website

A huge shout out to the people who encouraged me and signed up right at the start. Thanks for being part of this, for joining and posting in the facebook group, and sharing your photos. 

Most of all, thanks for believing in yourself. 



Highlights of May 2020

In May I created the Mini Masterclass on How to Overcome UFO Overwhelm. I slaved over it.

There were a lot of late nights and tech learning to do this. I was so proud of what I created.

I put it into Teachable and crossed my fingers. 

But… it fell flat. I hadn’t actually asked anyone yet if they wanted it. So, I didn’t get any sales. 😞 



Right at the end of May I pre-sold the Sewing Room Rescue Pack, a pack of resources designed to support you through the 28 day challenge and beyond.

Sewing Room Rescue PackA few wonderful people bought it, and I made $51 on the pre-sale. A big improvement from my first attempt! 😁 

What a wonderful lesson to learn, about validating an idea before creating it. Big shout out to Lizzy Goddard (*affiliate link) who is an absolute guru in all things email for teaching me this. 



Also in May I started building a website. I just started with a few landing pages. But the flash, fancy website you see now didn’t touch down until July. ⚡ 


May Income

$51 from my resources


May Expenses

$120 for website startup costs (domain, hosting, security) 

$137 for Bluchic templates 

$42 for an oops video editing purchase (wondershare univerter) which has since turned out to be invaluable for compressing videos 

$39 for Teachable

$29 tech expenses for Convertkit:* my all time favourite email marketing program (*affiliate link) 


Highlights of June 2020

In June I finished pre-selling the Sewing Room Rescue Pack, and then went ahead and created it! I was so super proud of it. The people that bought it first got it as a pdf download, but I’ve now loaded it into Teachable so that you get instant access to it. Check it out here! 

One person bought the Mini Masterclass on How to Overcome UFO Overwhelm It was a thrill to get my first student in Teachable! Thanks Mom!

In June I went all in on building a real proper website, and invested into the tools to do it right. Some of my June expenses were once offs, and some will be ongoing monthly costs. 

I found a binge worthy course on how to build a wordpress website: The Free 5 day website challenge (*affiliate link). I now rave about Shannon Mattern and thank her every chance I get for giving me the confidence to do all things wordpress. 

Bluchic templates (*affiliate link) and Elementor Pro completed the package and got me off to a great start. I have zero graphic design skills, so that was why I picked up these extra bits. But I can design a quilt, go figure! 


June Income

$61 from resources I created 

June Expenses 

$49 for Elementor Pro
$37 for Bluchic social graphics pack

$50 for Facebook advertising 

$39 for Teachable

$29 for Convertkit 


Highlights of July 2020 

The new website (that I BUILT!) debuted on July 2nd. I am super duper proud of it! It’s so much fun to be able to have the skills to fix and change anything I want, at any time. Thanks Shannon! (see above!) 

social share image for stash motto workbook


My first article was published in Online Quilt Magazine called “Your secret weapon to stash management: Your Stash Motto” and it came with a free downloadable to create your stash motto. 

This was an exclusive for Online Quilt Magazine readers. If you are a quilter, or even thinking about quilting, definitely jump in and sign up. It’s a steal for the price of the yearly subscription! And the editor Jody is awesome by the way!


Create the Ultimate Sewing Room_class

Along with creating a new website, I created a brand new live class. How to create the Ultimate Sewing Room with effective Storage Options. 

It was a mix of being really hyped up about designing and creating it, and thinking about all the things I wanted to share and give you information on. AND Being totally nervous about delivering it live for you. It all worked out in the end. Again, super proud of myself for doing this! 

I pre-sold this course and made a few sales. More on this in August! 


July income

$124 from resources I created 


July Expenses

$20 for video editing software (highly recommend Screencast-o-matic) 

$39 for Teachable

$29 for Convertkit 

$13 for Canva Pro


And the math says… 

I made a small profit in July. This doesn’t count the expenses I paid in May and June, but it’s a start. Whoo hoo! Ending the official part of the Sew Spacious Income Reports on a good note!


Highlights of August 2020 (so far…) 

Luckiest Sewing Room_logo imageIn August I focused on promotions, and finishing up The Luckiest Sewing Room. Which was just super fun to do, because I knew someone would end up with THE GOODS at the end of it. Gracious thanks to the winner who is being super polite about the items straggling to her door! 

Look out for another Luckiest Sewing Room competition showing up in in October. 

My second article published in Online Quilt Magazine was about “How to organize your quilting books and patterns in 4 easy steps”, and featured a mindshift approach on how to get this done. 

I also promoted and did another live workshop in August. It was all about how to Create Your Sewing Room Theme. social share image for sewing room theme live workshop

Promoting it was the same amount of nerve wracking and thrilling as before. What kept me going was knowing how motivating choosing a sewing room theme can be to get you started tidying up. 

This week, looking at these two live workshops, they felt big. Too chunky to watch and digest all at once.

So, I’ve been working to create them as courses in Teachable, but with little watchable clips instead. 

Now you can watch, and then do, each little bit. It feels more hands-on this way, more how I pictured it.

They are both here: 

How to create the Ultimate Sewing Room with effective Storage Options

Create Your Sewing Room Theme

Get them now if you want a little nudge of motivation 😉 Send me an email and I’ll give you a shout out in the next income report! 📢 Star Alert! 🌟


August Income (so far…) 

$29 for resources I created 


August Expenses 

$19 for Chatra Pro 

$60 for prizes shipped for the Luckiest Sewing Room 

$39 for Teachable

$29 for Convertkit 

$13 for Canva Pro 


What’s my goal for September?

To create more things that serve you. Be more present so that you can get encouraged. Reach more people that need motivation to get started. Because everyone deserves a sewing room that they love to sew in. 

My question for you:

How can I make the 28 day challenge better?

Right now it’s daily emails. Do you want videos? Slideshows in Teachable? I want to keep it free, and make it even better. Fan worthy! Remember the crowds of Beatles fans at the airport? That’s what I want!

And yes, there are few other tech, business management and personal things to achieve in September. Choose a monthly income goal. Set up a proper accounting system to keep my records. Start an affiliate program. Reach out to people I can create and write blogs for. Get booked on podcasts. Connect with guilds to reach more quilters.

Most importantly, not cry at Kindergarten drop off day! 👨‍👩‍👧 


Value Created List

I firmly believe that if I create enough value, it will come back to me in the end, so here’s my value created list:

Sew Spacious 28 Day Challenge free

Mini Masterclass on How to Overcome UFO Overwhelm $67

Sewing Room Rescue Pack $37

How to create the Ultimate Sewing Room with effective Storage Options $67

Create Your Sewing Room Theme $30

Chaos to Company in 10 Steps $11


Star Alert! 🌟

Big shout out to Amanda Thomas, the creator of the Sewing Room Ideas Facebook group. She’s been super supportive of me and my ideas.

Thank you to Sylvia, for her efforts in creating a sewing room she loves to sew in, and her kinds words. Check out her amazing before and after photos!

before and after photos of a readers sewing room, looking much cleaner in the after photo“Your article in Online Quilting was the spark that I needed. I really didn’t like the room or sewing.

Now both I’m back to loving both. You have encouraged me more than I can say.”


before and after photos of a readers sewing room, the cupboard now has shelving and looks much tidier

I want to recognize and thank lots more people who are being active in our Facebook group, sharing my stuff, and writing and telling me their daily progress. But I should probably ask them first before I put their names on here. Thank you!

Most of you are here to get your sewing room organized, but if you want to follow me on my creator journey as well, look out for these Sew Spacious income reports. 

Thanks for your support, it means the world to me. 🌏 😘 

Love, Shelly signature_the sew spacious logo to sign off