The Sew Spacious 28 day challenge

The wow factor

What if you never had to look for something in your sewing room ever again? What if you knew where everything was all the time. This is what happens with the Sew Spacious 28 day challenge.

You might even cut your sewing time in half! You know, the half where you are just looking for that tool you need and finding just the right notion.

The how

But… perhaps your sewing room is messy. It feels like a big blob of mess. Too messy to even start.

That’s the beauty of the 28 day challenge, it’s simple. Just ”one day at a time” simple. It is the most simple way to get organized in your sewing room. And it actually works.

It’s not based on “sewing a caddy” or “making fabric bowls” – which I totally want to do by the way. Sewing more stuff is not the way to get organized.

It’s just one email at a time, one task each day, one day at a time. It breaks down the big blob of mess into simple tasks. It overcomes the overwhelm you are carrying with you.

You build on the motivation from the day before to keep going. At the end of the 28 days, you will have tidied and organized every part of your sewing room.

Oh, and it still works even if you sew out of a suitcase on the kitchen table. It’s just tinier, that’s all.

The 28 day challenge is easy to do. Lots of other people have done it too. 300 sewists and counting by now. It’s given them the kickstart they needed to finally get organised.

As you go through each day, you’ll figure out what is organized and what is not. There are opportunities to declutter, without feeling like you are losing a part of you.

You’ll work on the days you need to. And celebrate being done on the others. The pride you get as you see progress is both motivating and magical.


What can the 28 day challenge help me organise?

Everything. Seriously. Especially scraps, fabric, the junk, the floor….

How do I get help on a day in the challenge?

You can reply directly to the email, and I’ll help you. Or you can post in the Sew Spacious facebook group for 28 day challenges to get advice.

What if I fall behind?

That makes you totally normal. It’s okay to be a few days behind, or even stop and come back weeks later. You just start where you are at and keep going.

I have a health/life challenge. Can I still participate?

Yes, I’m committed to helping everyone. Just let me know if you need extra help support and how I can best show up and serve you. Everyone is welcome and this is an inclusive group.

Is it free?

Yes, it is. You get the emails. You follow along and do the tasks. 100% free

What’s the best praise you have gotten – okay I added this one 😉

This message from my mom, she says…

“Shell the best part of my day begins early – when I read your Sew Spacious email. First thing I read. Yesterday I bought a piece of fabric simply because it was …… RED!!”

But Life

If you are ready, just jump in. You’ll know if you’re ready. Go for it!

But, for some of you, LIFE is happening to you right now. Things need to be organized, work may have changed, people need caring for.

That’s okay, you have two choices. You can either be all in on life, care for the people that need caring for, handle all the pressing issues, and hold on for the ride. I’ll be here, the challenge will be here, when you are ready to slow down.

Or – you can use the 28 day challenge as a distraction from the chaos. A small thing that might help you focus on something positive and exciting, as the world swirls around you. Use your sewing room as a place you can retreat for 15 minutes. Take a snack and accomplish something.

Either choice is 100% okay. Choose what serves you.

Finding the love through the Sew Spacious 28 day challenge

By showing up and organizing yourself, you support you. You love you. When you are organized it is so much easier to love sewing in your room. It puts the oomphf back in your sewing mojo.

You feel the spark to sew again. I want that for you. Let’s get that.