How to manage your fabric scraps: the complete guide (part 1) … yes, it’s a complete tease 😋

Are you stuck on how to manage your fabric scraps? Do you want to know how to manage your fabric scraps? Learn what’s holding you back and how to create a scrap management strategy that you can be proud of, that works for you, and feels organized!

What does your current scrap box look like? Do you have them all tossed in there after sewing projects? Do you tell yourself “I’ll sort through that one day?” but one day never comes. There’s always something else better to do. You don’t really need to organize those. Without realizing it, you start to tell yourself that it’s too big, I couldn’t do it, I feel overwhelmed.


What’s holding you back from organizing your fabric scraps?

The scrap pile really isn’t that big, but with your thoughts you are making it feel bigger than it is. You have let your thoughts decide that it’s too big, and you can’t handle it.

It’s easier to do other projects instead. This is actually the same reason that we have so many UFO’s but that’s a topic for another blog post. So what is holding you back? Your thoughts actually, and the feelings that this creates.Huh? Let me show you… Here are a few of the thoughts you might have, and the feeling each one creates.

Thought: “I have no clue how to organize those”

Feeling: incapable


Thought: “I have way too many scraps”

Feeling: overwhelmed


Thought: My scrap pile is driving me nuts

Feeling: frustration

Can you see how the thought creates a feeling? And usually, unless we manage it, the feeling created is one that keeps us stuck. (incapable, overwhelm, frustration etc). None of these feelings actually make you WANT to go and organize those scraps, do they?

Hang on, how do our feelings impact us? Our feelings drive our actions. Here’s a simple example: when I feel happy, I smile and say hello to people. When I feel sad, I don’t make eye contact and keep my head down and walk on by.

Back to scraps. What actions do you take when you feel overwhelmed and frustrated? Shove the pile of scraps under the bed or shelf. Yes, we ignore it. We literally avoid looking at it and walk on by. It’s completely understandable why you don’t want to deal with the scraps. You are a human being with a brain. Having thoughts and feelings about things.


Where to start with your fabric scraps?

Did this resonate with you? How your thoughts and feelings make you not want to work on organizing your scraps? Fantastic! Just understanding this concept is really big. Huge. Bigger than your scrap pile.

You now have two options here. You can *MAKE YOURSELF* do it, and feel awful, or you can work with your thoughts and your brain, and sneakily make it easy to sort your scraps.

The place to start is actually with a pen and paper. First we want to model what we are actually thinking about scraps, so we can see what we are thinking, exactly what thought this creates, and how this translates to the actions we are taking (or not taking) about our scraps.

Sure, you might be thinking, I know this. But writing it down is where the magic is. It’s the difference between doing the homework, and just thinking about the homework. When you have these thoughts written down, ask yourself, “what do I feel”?

Not sure if you are doing it right? Just put your thoughts in the little chat box on the right, and I’ll write back.

After we know exactly what we are thinking, and see the actions this causes, it’s actually really obvious how this creates the result of our scrap pile.

But what do we do now? You’re looking at a giant scrap pile, and even though now you know “why” you are aren’t working on it, you still don’t feel motivated to do it.

So, sit with it. It’s okay to keep feeling unmotivated for a little bit more. Send me your thoughts.

And then we’ll go to part 2, together.

Love, Shelly signature_the sew spacious logo to sign off