Gathering my sewing UFOs

This is my story. It starts with me trying to organize and finish my sewing UFOs. Who knows where it will lead? 

I have a lot of sewing UFOs. My unfinished objects. 


They are taking up space: brain space and physical space. Here’s one: some strips that I plan to cut up and do something with. But I don’t know what yet. A mini rail fence wall hanging perhaps? 

pieced sewing strips - unfinished UFO 

I visualized finishing them so I could start a new project without feeling guilty. I imagined this is how peace and calm would feel like. 


But as you all probably know, sometimes it’s just not that easy. Especially when they have piled up over years. 


Finding my sewing UFOs and gathering them up

I decided to start by organizing them. I spent an afternoon going through all my fabric cuts and pulling out my sewing UFOs. Honestly, I found them everywhere. 


Mostly my UFOs were mixed up with my fabric cuts. Found some more in another plastic bag. Still more in with my notions. 


I pulled them all out and gave all my UFOs one box to live in. 


Now, all my UFOs were in one box, but still sort of just stacked up and looking jumbled. If I’m being honest with myself, I felt like this box was just a big blob of shame. 


This made me feel less overwhelmed, but really didn’t give me any more information. For each one I couldn’t really remember why I stopped, where did I stop and what to do next? 


And, some of my UFOs made me feel sad. Oh yeah, did you know that UFOs have feelings? I do now. 

Choosing a UFO to work on

Then I chose a UFO to start with. It was a pieced table runner. Using the model helped me show the results of my thoughts and feelings. I decided that I could be motivated to do it so I could give it to my mother in law as a gift. 

sewing machine with peg board above it and small purple table runner quilt on the desk

I just needed to add a batting, backing, quilt it up and bind it. It was easy to get the backing pieced. Then I spray basted it and sandwiched it together. Then I quilted it. And then I… 

Stopped. What now?


I tried. 

But…. I still didn’t love sewing or want to keep going. 

Which is totally silly because I know I LOVE SEWING. 


Something just didn’t feel right anymore. There was no happy zing. 

(Spoiler alert – the zing comes back, I promise.) 


Okay. Grinding through one UFO at a time wasn’t going to work. Time to try a different approach. 


Stay tuned for Thursday!