How to have a strong WHY

Picture of small art quilt with orange flower on a blue background with the text How to have a strong WHY overlaid on it. The Sew Spacious logo is above it.

Sometimes when we set ourselves a task we really WANT to do it. We have a strong WHY. But sometimes, we want to do something, but aren’t really motivated. This is because we have a weak WHY.  Being able to change your WHY from weak to strong will help you complete any task. Here’s how […]

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Sharing The Model with you

Blog post image that says "shelly shares the model with you" and a photo of Shelly Bortolotto the creator of Sew Spacious

Sharing The Model with you so you can change your life   Some of you have asked about the secret tools I use. The Model, created by Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School, is not so secret anymore, but definitely 100% amazing.    I recorded this little video for you on how to use […]

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Can I learn to love ironing?

This is Part 4 in my goal to finish my UFOs. This is where I set myself the challenge of learning to love ironing.     Recap: All UFOs gathered and placed in their own bags with the UFO Action List completed for each one. I discovered that I stop most often at cutting errors and […]

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Gathering my sewing UFOs

fabric strips in background - pieced but not quilted and the text reads Gathering my sewing UFOs

Gathering my sewing UFOs This is my story. It starts with me trying to organize and finish my sewing UFOs. Who knows where it will lead?  I have a lot of sewing UFOs. My unfinished objects.    They are taking up space: brain space and physical space. Here’s one: some strips that I plan to […]

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Sew Spacious 28 day challenge

The Sew Spacious 28 day challenge The wow factor What if you never had to look for something in your sewing room ever again? What if you knew where everything was all the time. This is what happens with the Sew Spacious 28 day challenge. You might even cut your sewing time in half! You […]

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Showing up to Serve

Showing up to serve  I’ve been watching my daughter start kindergarten this year. She’s learning how to handle life’s big and little tasks without me.  How to open granola bars. How to ask for help to find her hat. She’s even negotiated how to share the cubby space. Yesterday she helped a little boy find […]

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Income report May June July

image of a tidy sewing room with the words Sew Spacious Income Report May June July overlaid on top of it

Income report May June July 2020 for Sew Spacious  *It’s a long post, you might want a cuppa! Teaser: The before and after photo at the end is just WOW!  Sew Spacious was created to help you get organized in your sewing room. But I’ve decided to pivot and throw all my energy behind it.  […]

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