Hi, I'm Shelly

I’m guessing you’re here because…

You want to create and organize your sewing room. 

Well, at least a place you can create in. 

A place you don’t fear to go. 

Anything better than this. 

It’s okay, I’ve got you.
I’ve been there, and
I’ve fixed it. 

I can fix yours too. 

Why I want to organize your sewing room...

I love sewing, but I struggled to get back into it after my daughter was born. Life was busy and I had no space to sew. Then I created the techniques I use now.

Sew Spacious was created for you. You create beautiful things, and would love to make more. You want to get motivated to organize your space and finish your UFOs. We can do that. 

When we help you create a space you love to sew in, that’s when we know we have created joy in your life.

We want to help you organize your sewing room because everyone deserves to create in a space they love. 

Shelly Bortolotto - creator of Sew Spacious
How I can help you...

I want to get organized. 

Take the 28 day challenge, it’s a slow and steady way to do a bit every day. Your end result is being completely organized. 
It’s free to get the daily emails each day. 

I have too many UFOs.   

Ready to tackle the overwhelm of too many unfinished projects? Get motivated, create your plan, and release the rest.  Access the course in Teachable. 

Are you ready to organize your sewing room?

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