Month: December 2020

How to have a strong WHY

Picture of small art quilt with orange flower on a blue background with the text How to have a strong WHY overlaid on it. The Sew Spacious logo is above it.

Sometimes when we set ourselves a task we really WANT to do it. We have a strong WHY. But sometimes, we want to do something, but aren’t really motivated. This is because we have a weak WHY.  Being able to change your WHY from weak to strong will help you complete any task. Here’s how […]

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Sharing The Model with you

Blog post image that says "shelly shares the model with you" and a photo of Shelly Bortolotto the creator of Sew Spacious

Sharing The Model with you so you can change your life   Some of you have asked about the secret tools I use. The Model, created by Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School, is not so secret anymore, but definitely 100% amazing.    I recorded this little video for you on how to use […]

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