Organize your sewing room. Even if you feel overwhelmed. 

Organize your
sewing room

Finally get your sewing room tidy, even if you're not organized, so you can stop looking for things and love sewing again.

Hi, I'm Shelly Bortolotto

I help people like you organize their sewing room.

Picture this… 

You are creative and you are confident. 

You are in your happy place. 

Your sewing room.

You feel calm.

Surrounded by what you love 

your tools, 

your fabrics, 

your sewing.

Shelly Bortolotto - creator of Sew Spacious


That’s not exactly how it is. 

Right now it feels messy, 



More than you can handle. 

You tell yourself…. I just need ideas to organize my threads, my rulers, my everything.  

But you want more than that. 

You want a complete system to go from chaos to clean. 

Someone who knows sewing. 

Someone who knows sewing rooms. 

A place where you can quickly and easily find your supplies.

Ta da!

Presenting... the 28 day challenge

Organize your sewing room in 28 days!

This IS EXACTLY what you have been looking for. 

Each day is quick and easy. There are actual tasks to do. And fun bits of course. 

Best of all, it all adds up to one heck of an organized room at the end of it. 

Take the 28 day challenge today

Not convinced?

It’s freeeeeee.
Yabba dabba doo! 

Right now. Take the challenge. 

It’s everything you want it to be. 

“From the… town of Whistler.

It’s going to go in history.” 


Oh, there’s a little bit of quirky
in the challenge!

The 28 day challenge is your one-size-fits-all pattern. We take a big picture approach to your sewing room and help you organize your tools in a way that works for you.

Among the daily tasks you will discover how to:

  • reduce your brain clutter;
  • create a scrap strategy;
  • set your stash motto;
  • organize your fabrics; 
  • handle your bulky items; 

And lots more… 

Who’s we? 

Actually it’s just me.  

Shelly Bortolotto: The farm girl who left Australia “for a ski season”, met a Canadian boy, fell in love and never went home. 

Yep, I even re-purchased the same sewing machine. Then had my mom bring my massive UFO bed quilt over in her suitcase. Totally worth it! 

I love sewing. You love sewing. You want to love sewing “in your room” again. I hear you. 

YOU want THAT! 

I help you get that. 

“I’m your nudge, your wink, and your cheerleader. I’m easier to find than your seam ripper.  I have all the tools you need.”

You can totally do this. Let's get you started!